Hello. I’m Chris. I live in Oakland, California. I design and make things. Feel free to download my high-res portfolio (PDF, probably out of date unless I’m looking for a gig).

I’m currently a senior product designer at Coursera, transforming online education by designing services and building kick-ass publishing and admin tools for instructors, instructional designers, and administrators at our university partners.

In 2015 I kept busy doing freelance work for a variety of clients, including the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission (a forthcoming mobile-first redesign of their 511 tool), The University of California’s Berkeley Language Center (converting their media distribution tools to mobile-friendly HTML5), Designer Fund (front-end and mobile for a special founders-only event microsite), and others.

In 2014 I led the Mobile team as a senior product designer at Piazza, a Q&A platform for academic use, chosen by over 30,000 professors at more than 1,000 schools. In this role, I introduced the firm to user-centered design processes and did everything from UX research to prototyping to pixel-perfect mockups. The completely redesigned apps saw a 25% term-over-term jump in sessions per user per day, and a 15% increase in time per session: sticky!

From 2010-2103, I was lead product designer and front-end engineer for Neighborland, a new way for civic organizations to collaborate with residents. It's a set of tools, powered by a social network, that’s designed to facilitate a human-centered, participatory planning process.

Before that, I was at UC’s Berkley Language Center, where I did the UX/UI design and full-stack engineering for the BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips, a web app that serves over 10,000 film clips in 50 languages to language instructors and students at 60 colleges and universities in 3 countries.

In the past I’ve also made music, engineered audio recordings, and done graphic design for print. Sometimes, I make visual art and design furniture. Though busy, I always try to find time to write short-form nonsense.

Thanks for stopping by.